How to increase the post_max_size PHP value in cPanel using the CloudLinux PHP Selector?

This tutorial describes how to increase the PHP post_max_size variable in cPanel with CloudLinux.

The post_max_size variable should always be larger than the upload_max_filesize variable. In addition, the memory_limit value be larger than both post_max_size andupload_max_filesize.

Step 1: Log into your cPanel account

Step 2: Under the Software section, click Select PHP Version:

This option only appears if you have CloudLinux installed on your server

Step 3: Click on the Options menu

Note: If the page shows a Warning related to the native PHP version, you will need to select a non-native version first.

Step 4: Change the post_max_size  by clicking the drop-down option displayed in front of it. Then choose the appropriate limit as per your requirements.

Congratulations, you have successfully increased the post_max_size PHP value.

Updated on November 2, 2021

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