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In less than 24 hours, we observed a 37% increase in revenue. This was with no changes in products or prices.

On desktops, the site speed improved 57% (to lower than 3 secs) and that brought 50% improvement in conversion rate.

This is the maximum difference I have ever seen in a store when it changes servers.

Host Duplex Magento customer based in the EU. - Feb 9, 2021


Magento Feature List

Lightning-fast Magento performance ✔️

Lightning-fast product caching ✔️

Scalable on-demand ✔️

PCI-compliant infrastructure ✔️

Content Delivery Network ✔️

DuplexGuard security ✔️

On-site and off-site Backups ✔️

24/7 Enterprise Support via Phone and Email ✔️

Magento 2 Master-Slave Database Replication* ✔️

Magento 2 Open-Source Database Clusters* ✔️

Magento Load Balancing* ✔️

Redis / Memcache Server ✔️

Staging / Development Server* ✔️

RabbitMQ enhancements* ✔️

ElasticSearch support* ✔️

Searchanise integration available* ✔️

VPN support* ✔️

* denotes optional items

Lightning fast Magento sties


Faster site speeds equal greater revenues.  In this age of information and technology, site response time can mean everything to an e-commerce business.  We will work with your team to ensure your site performs at its best.  We use the best technologies such as LiteMage acceleration to ensure your customers experience top-speed.

Cloud Reliability & Security

Host Duplex has perfected the Magento hosting model in the cloud. With full scalability, on-demand, we’re able to scale your infrastructure at moment’s notice.  We implement strict security policies to safeguard your data. We have developed our platform via the various feedback from Magento business customers across the globe. Our in-house security researchers have gone the extra mile to make sure that the infrastructure we provide is compliant and is as secure as possible to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Our security experts and research have been featured in The Washington Post, Consumer Reports, TechCrunch, WIRED, and many other outlets. The Host Duplex team is continuously monitoring security changes across the internet. No stone is unturned when it comes to security.

Migration & Fees

Migration of your current Magento installation is included and can be performed within hours.  We offer both a hybrid and full cloud solution for your needs.  The Host Duplex Magento Cloud solution has been tested with third-party integrations and has been working seamlessly for our clients.  With plans starting at $199/month, it’s never been easier to manage your practice from the cloud.  For a free consultation, call us anytime at 877.7.DUPLEX or fill out the form below.

In my industry, you hear a lot of horror stories about web hosts, I just want to let everyone know that there are still some great companies out there and HD is DEFINITELY one of them.

Laura Passage The Digital Press

Magento Cloud Hosting Features

HA & Load Balancing

High Availability and Load balancing deployment options are available and highly recommended for large XenForo boards.

Enhanced and Pure SSD Platforms

Our XenForo plans feature optional Pure SSD drives. This means you achieve the fastest performance using our fastest RAID arrays, translating to faster site response and performance. Enhanced SSD is standard. This platform features SAS magnetic drives with enhanced SSD caching of highly accessed data.

LiteSpeed cache

For the ultimate performance and response time, we deploy LiteSpeed Cache which offers the lowest TTFB (Time To First Byte) with the highest amount of requests per second.

Automated Backups

All of our new plans now include automated backups. Utilizing delta block level technology, our backups place the least amount of load on your web site. This ensures the highest performance with the highest regard for backup integrity.

DuplexGuard Security

Keeping you safe from the evolving security attacks of today is of utmost importance. At Host Duplex, we've created a penta-layer firewall to prevent and protect you from 99% of attacks.

SSL Included

In our commitment to security, all our new plans include an SSL Certificate at no additional cost to you. SSL Certificates are automatically setup and configured within the first 24 hours after your domain has been successfully pointed to our servers.

Magento Pricing Plans

M2 Basic


  • 25 Concurrent Users
  • Disk Space: 25GB
  • Bandwidth: 100GB
  • Automated Backups
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis

M2 Plus


  • 35 Concurrent Users
  • Disk Space: 50GB
  • Bandwidth: 250GB
  • Automated Backups
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis

M2 Power


  • 80 Concurrent Users
  • Disk Space: 250GB
  • Bandwidth: 4TB
  • Automated Backups
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • RabbitMQ
  • LiteMage Caching
  • On-demand scaling


Optimization and migration services ready at moment’s notice….

Our clients chose Host Duplex not only for the hosting of their Magento store, but also for our migration services. With our experience in handling and migrating stores with hundreds of thousands of products, these clients chose us for our quick turnaround times, years of experience, and 24/7 support with on-demand scalability services to host their sites. Whether you need powerful cloud technology, or hosting services designed for your business to help power your data intensive sites, now is the best time act.

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