F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is managed WordPress hosting?

Can I register or transfer my domain with Host Duplex?

How does Host Duplex compare to other hosting services?

What’s the difference between unmanaged and managed wordpress hosting?

How do I switch my DNS?

What happened to the email services?

What does the migration process involve and how long does migration take?

How can I cancel?

How can I use my hosts file to mimic a DNS change?

Which WordPress plugins are disallowed?

How long does propagation take?

What is LiteSpeed Cache?

Where can I find the staging area?

What is the difference between Enhanced SSD and Pure SSD?

What does the White Glove Launch include?

Is HTTP/2 supported?

Is SSH Access allowed?

How can I reset my password?

How can I FTP into my site?

How much is an SSL Certificate?

What is SSL and/or HTTPS?

How do I secure my WordPress site?

How can I go about changing my WordPress web site address?

How are backups handled?

How much is an SSL Certificate?



How can I pay my bill?

When do the charges hit my credit card?

How can I reset my billing password?

How can I add an authorized user to my account?

How can I transfer my account to someone else?



Do you recommend using WordPress multisite?

How can I reset my WordPress Admin password?

How can I improve my site speed?



How can I reset my XenForo admin password?



How can I submit a support ticket?

How can I access phpMyAdmin?

How can I import a database?

How can I export, access and/or backup my database?