Do you need a dedicated IP for SSL?

The quick answer is No; however, there are some exceptions.

The world has a limited and finite amount of IPv4 addresses. If every web site had an IP address for SSL, we would be have been out of IP addresses a lot sooner.

Luckily, cPanel and other web server software allow for hosting multiple SSL websites on the same IP address.

Note: Some hosting providers (not Host Duplex); however, still require customers to use a dedicated IP address for each site that uses SSL.

Why might you still want to use a dedicated IP for your website?

  1. Development. While it’s no longer a necessity, using a dedicated IP may allow for easier development of your site. For example, instead of using the domain name to visit your site, you can use your dedicated IP address instead.

Note, many CMS platforms such as WordPress use the canonical name of your site. In this case, if you view your site using a dedicated IP address will simply redirect your browser back to the domain name.

2. Old browsers. If your web site visitors are utilizing very old web browsers, specifically, browsers that do not support SNI, then you will want to use a dedicated IP address.

If you are a customer and still have questions about dedicated IPs, please login and open a support ticket in our client portal. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Updated on September 28, 2021

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