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Outstanding Customer Service: An Absolute Necessity in Web Hosting

I recently had a run-in with a certain appliance company when they came into my condo to perform maintenance on a refrigerator.  I was appalled at how rude, discourteous, insulting and borderline racist the repairman was.  I won’t go to into details what happened in the altercation, however swift action was taken.  While I was upset at what had happened, I was pleasantly surprised at the caliber of professionalism of the customer care staff.  They promptly offered multiple apologies and assured me of swift punishment for the said individual.    I’m actually still receiving emails and tweets with apologies from the company.

Within 30 minutes of sending the formal complaint via email, there were representatives immediately calling my direct line to offer apologies.  This kind of response is absolutely necessary in our industry.  Web hosting needs to have immediate response and readily available technicians at all times.  There is nothing more frustrating than having downtime or a problem and having no one to turn to.

Ever since our launch, we have always stressed excellent customer service.  Having great customer service isn’t a hard task.  We keep our formula simple to make life for you guys easier.

1. Quick Response – We receive real time updates so the instant we receive a ticket, we are immediately at work to answer your questions.  If there is an issue, our philosophy is FCR, that is first contact resolution. We do our best to make sure the first response you receive is a resolution. Our executive staff receive live updates and are under the same protocols as our regular staff members. Many of our new customers have worked directly with our CEO to bring their websites over, we are always ready to work.

2. Courteous Professional Technicians – To work as a support staff, credentials aren’t enough.  I don’t care if your last name is the Michael Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Our staff has to be personable, friendly, and professional additional to being knowledgeable.  I cannot stand when I contact a company and their customer service representatives sound like they absolutely hate life, or when then they’re outsourced and can’t speak my language.

3. Updates – Should an issue arise, we will immediately begin updating our customers using not only via traditional methods including email and phone support, but also via social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

These 3 simple rules serve as the umbrella for the conduct and protocols of excellent customer service.  By keeping it simple, we eliminate any ambiguity on how our customers deserve to be treated.

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