Idean Vasef

Meet HD’s New Blogger

Idean joins the HD team as our tech writer.

Since earning his degree in Liberal Arts and Entrepreneurship from the University of Iowa (Go Hawks!), Idean has spent the last nine years working in various Digital Marketing and IT roles at Universal Music Group, Participant Media, and Apollo Group, Inc. When he’s not freelancing as a marketer and providing IT support to small business in the LA area, he writes blogs for various startups and companies. Idean’s dream is to one day be an entrepreneur and escape the confines of the cubicle!

During his free time, Idean loves to catch NBA games, shoot hoops, go hiking in the scenic Santa Monica Mountains and improve his Photoshop skills. As a member of the Host Duplex blog team, Idean will work closely together with the core staff to help explore and explain a variety of topics in the cloud hosting industry. More to come soon!

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