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Nino Leitner

“The problems with WordPress are that you can easily slow it down by adding too many plugins… When I was migrating the site, you guys really helped me with optimizing it. Telling me where I could turn the knobs to make it faster.”

Barry Andersson

“I’m not that big of a fish and when I went to Host Duplex every time I have an email or question, I get an email back almost instantaneously and it really is where they live by everybody’s part of the family”

David Hepburn

“We finally got our sites to where we’re using WordPress.. and so it’s very easy and seamless for me to change our web site, have access to those tools, and Host Duplex manages the backend so seamlessly that I rarely have to contact them.”

 Michael Kammes

“Host Duplex came up and it just made sense with all your back end technology and support to help me… It’s very low maintenance but very high value for what we’re paying for.”

Rick Macomber

“It’s like magic, and that’s the most important thing. I never have to worry about my web site. If a question comes up, I can call you guys. I never have to sit and wait and go through phone menus. The phone is always answered immediately and my problems are solved.”