Managed Cloud Hosting…

Why Cloud Hosting?

Our cloud hosting is fast, scalable, and customizable based on your needs. Whether you’re starting out as a small project or have high-traffic needs – managed cloud hosting can keep up.

Managed Cloud Features

HA & Load Balancing

High Availability and Load balancing deployment options are available and highly recommended for large XenForo boards.

SATA, SAS, Enhanced and Pure SSD Platforms Available

Our Cloud Hosting plans feature optional Pure SSD drives. This means you achieve the fastest performance using our fastest RAID arrays, translating to faster site response and performance. SATA, SAS, and Enhanced SSD options are available. The Enhanced SSD platform features SAS magnetic drives with enhanced SSD caching of highly accessed data for fast performance. SATA storage options are also available.

LiteSpeed cache

For the ultimate performance and response time, we deploy LiteSpeed Cache which offers the lowest TTFB (Time To First Byte) with the highest amount of requests per second.

Automated Backups

All of our new plans now include automated backups. Utilizing delta block level technology, our backups place the least amount of load on your web site. This ensures the highest performance with the highest regard for backup integrity.

DuplexGuard Security

Keeping you safe from the evolving security attacks of today is of utmost importance. At Host Duplex, we've created a penta-layer firewall to prevent and protect you from 99% of attacks.

SSL Included

In our commitment to security, all our new plans include an SSL Certificate at no additional cost to you. SSL Certificates are automatically setup and configured within the first 24 hours after your domain has been successfully pointed to our servers.

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