How can I export a database?

You can export your database in one of several ways:

If you have questions about how to import your database you can click here.

Option 1 via phpMyAdmin:
You will need to log into your cPanel control panel by visiting
Once logged in, you’ll want to click the phpMyAdmin icon.  In the left hand column, choose the database that you would like to export.  Next, click on the Export tab.  From there, click GO

Option 2 via SSH:
If you are familiar with SSH, you can log into your server via SSH and upload your database using the following command:

mysqldump -u dbusername -p dbname < filename.sql

Here, you’ll want to replace dbusername with your database username, and dbname with your database name.  filename.sql is the name of your SQL file that you would like to import.  A prompt will appear asking you to enter a password.  You’ll want to enter or copy/paste your database user password.  Note: the password may not appear (this is normal).  Once completed, it will take you back to the prompt.

Option 3 via Ticket:
Larger databases may require the assistance of one of our technicians.  If you experience any issues importing your database, feel free to submit a ticket for assistance.  You can either upload your SQL file via FTP or we can provide you instructions on how to send us your database and we can import it for you.  You can submit a ticket at anytime by visiting